parallel compile on odd and even pages


I write a collection of poems. Each has to appear on an odd page, while its translation in another language must be on the facing even page.

In my binder, each poem translation has his text, and a subtext (one level deeper) with the original poem itself (otherwise the translation would appear on the verso of the original, instead of the facing page).

The compile with this structure works fine, except when a poem goes over more than one page. Luckily, this happens rather seldom.

Has anyone an idea on how to overcome this with the compile settings ? (as a workaround, I compile to pdf and rearrange the pages from Aperçu)

Thank you in advance

André Leleux

I’m afraid this kind of layout is beyond Scrivener’s capabilities. You need a dedicated page layout tool.


Thank you for your reponse. I suspected it would be so. It is only a minor annoyment in contrast to all advantages Scrivener offers for writing.