Parallel Editing Template won't open as blank project

Hi AmberV,

I really enjoy parallel editing on Scrivener, so was very happy this morning to discover a template for it in the New Projects menu and wanted to use it for a translation.

But when I tried to open a new blank project (both by double-clicking the icon and using the Choose… command) so I could paste in new text to edit, it insisted on populating the file with an older version of a book I’m currently working on (not even the latest version). I most definitely did not click on ‘Open an Existing File…’.

Any idea why that would be and what I should do to open a blank project?


PS: Thanks for your reply about my problem with the .dmg files. I’ll keep an eye on it.

There is no parallel editing template, so presumably at some point you have used File > Save As Template on a project to create this template. Now when you create a new project from the template it will contain whatever was in the project when you created a template from it (because templates are just stored projects that can be used as the basis of new documents - it’s up to the template creator to strip the project down to contain only what he or she wants to be in new projects created from that template).

Absolutely spot on, Keith! I must have made that template a couple of years ago, forgotten all about it, got on with making up a new file each time and didn’t recognise the old template in its fancy new Scrivener 2.0 clothes. Thanks for solving the mystery!

Just like to add that, for me at least, Parallel Editing and Translating in Scrivener is a joy and (when you have time!) I would certainly add it to the list of features on the Scrivener web-page. I’m sure that many translators, after struggling with switching between files in Word, would buy Scrivener just for that feature alone.

Thanks again,


Glad that helped! And thanks for the kind words - yes, we’d definitely like to extend the website to cover more usage scenarios as time goes on, too.
All the best,