Part Sections before Chapters?

Hi there,

In organising my chapters in the binder, I’ve broken my story down in to parts as well as chapters, i.e. “Part One - The Story Begins”, and I’d like that one one page. On the next page, I’d like it to start as normal, “Chapter One - Chapter Title” and then so on. I’m breaking the story into 5 or so numbered parts.

I’ve tried creating a text file with the formatting of the Part One and name as I’d like, and inserting it directly above Chapter One in the binder, but this doesn’t format the way I wanted once compiled. It shows the “Part One” text on my Title page, and then calls Chapter One “Chapter Two” on the next page. I thought that by making the “Part” text a text file rather than a folder, I’d avoid screwing up the chapter numbering, but apparently not.

Is there an easy way to insert “Part” sections on their own blank page without screwing up the chapter numbering or formatting?

Thanks for any help in advance. I’m sorry if this is extremely obvious and I’m somehow missing it! :open_mouth:

You can definitely do what I think you’re after. Some templates (e.g. Novel with Parts) probably do some of this setup for you by default, but the following will show you how to recreate it from scratch.

First some set up:

In the Binder, your Parts should be folders, your Chapters should be folders, and your scenes should be documents.

Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 14.17.14.png

Then, in the Compile dialogue, make sure you are on the All Options tab, then choose ‘Formatting’ from the list on the left hand side.

In the dummy structure, you’ll need a Level 2 folder and a Level 2 document, so if they’re not already there, click the +/- button to add them (you’ll need to be on the right line to do this.).

Make sure the Title boxes are ticked for the two Folders, and Text for the two documents. You should have something like this:

If you highlight the Level 1 line, you’ll see the dummy format in the box below. If you click ‘Section Layout’ you’ll be able to add automatic text and numbering, which will be added to the Binder folder title on compile. (Click the question mark to get help on how to do this). E.g. in my screenshot, ‘The First Part’ binder title could become Part One: The First Part. Do the same for the Level 2 line (i.e. Chapter folders). The dummy format will change to show you what you’ll be getting.

Finally, in the left hand pane, choose ‘Separators’. Under both ‘Folder Separator’ and ‘Text and Folder separator’, choose ‘Page Break’. Under ‘Folder and text separator’ choose 'Empty line. This means that your Part documents will get a page all on their own.

Then compile and you should get what you want.

There are several options to take in this process, so you may have to play around a bit to get the exact effect you want, but this is the basic process.



Wow, thank you so much for all that, David. I really appreciate it! I’ll give it a try today, cheers for that!

I skimmed a bit, so sorry if I missed this being addressed, but I can’t find anything in the Windows version that lets you to separately number the parts and chapters with the same kind of auto-numbering (i.e. digits vs. roman numerals). I think under Mac (and presumably future windows versions), you could add a colon and a custom name to be placed in the Level 1 folder compile setting, and another custom name for the chapter folder (level 2) compile setting. They would be formated like <$t:part> and <$t:chapter>.

Sadly, I tried this in the windows version, and it didn’t work; I don’t have my Mac with me today, so I’m not sure if this is how it’s still done.

The real solution, then, seems to be to use a different kind of numbering tag for parts & chapters.

Use the Edit->insert->Auto Number menu to insert the tag of your choice into a text document, then cut that and paste it into the appropriate compile setting. The project template for a Novel with Parts uses <$R> (roman numerals) for Parts, and <$t> (title-case words… One, Two…) for chapter folders.

This is a very belated reply to both of you and I apologise - been sucked into revisions on an altogether different project that doesn’t require parts, and am JUST not getting back, but wanted to say that both of your clearly explained suggestions have done exactly what I wanted! I was stuck on the numbering but then Robert’s suggestion about inserting auto numbering (which I didn’t even know how to do before) separated the numbering system for Parts vs Chapters.

Thank you both so much! :smiley: