Partial Compile - SOOO confused

I’ve searched, but honestly searching the boards takes hours plus guesstimation of what keywords to use. No doubt this has been covered. The tutorial just confused me as well. Apologies if this is a repeat question.

Here’s what I want to do:

I am working with a co-writer. The co-writer does not have Scrivener, and likely will not get it. SO, when I finish a chapter draft, I want to be able to send her a doc file of that chapter draft. Sounds simple, right?

Except when I try to do that, from my understanding I SHOULD be able to go and check/uncheck which files are included and which aren’t.

In fact I KNOW that I’ve been able to do this in the past with earlier versions. However this time the checklist for what I want included in the doc is not showing.

If someone can point me to a step-by-step on this, I’d be grateful. I should have sent her this doc a week or two ago, and we’re hung up because I can’t figure out how.

It seems like copy/pasting the whole thing into OpenOffice defeats the purpose of having Scrivener in the first place.


When you open the compile window (File > Compile), click the the blue arrow button to the right of the Format As menu button to expand the window so the full list of options is available on the left. Under “Contents”, the first pane, you should see everything listed that’s part of the current compile group (normally the Draft folder) and you can set the “Include” status for each item via the checkbox. Alt-click on a box to set or remove the check from all of them.

Rather than constantly resetting the “Include in Compile” state for each item, you may instead be able to just select your chapter document or folder from the drop-down menu above the list. As I said, this defaults to the Draft folder, meaning everything in your Draft is the compile group, but you can select just a subitem of that for compile instead. So if you have each chapter as a separate folder in the Draft, you can choose just the relevant folder from the list, and the compile list will adjust to show just this folder and its subdocuments making up the new compile group.

Okay! Woot! This was what I was looking for! Hopefully this got it done.

However your second paragraph confuses me. Probably my own confusion with the program, but I do not understand the instructions,

HOW do I choose only that one subitem/chapter for the compile? And HOW do I change that every single time without five minutes spent on checking/unchecking boxes?

I assume it SHOULD be possible - and hopefully EASY.

When I do it, I have to spend all kinds of time unchecking boxes regarding which docs/sections/subsections to choose. I love Scriv, but this is one of the areas that originally sent me back to OpenOffice and might do so again if I can’t figure it out.

Yep, should be easy. This is where you want to click, in the compile Contents pane:

The “Draft” submenu will show all the level 1 items in your binder’s Draft folder (maybe it’s called “Manuscript” or something else in your project, but this is the special folder in every project intended for compile) and you can select any of those, or go down further until you find the group you want. Once you select that, the contents in the list below the menu will adjust, and you can further refine what is compiled by toggling the “include” checkbox for any items that you need to.

Awesome. Thanks to both of you. Love love love Scrivener, but there’s a learning curve on a lot of things.

Still, it makes organizing chapters and scenes a breeze. Not to mention it’s easy to read my notes in one window, while writing in the other. I am loving on this!

Woot! Off to my next chapter compile!