Partial manuscript compile but keeping the correct chapter numbers

I spent two hours today trying to compile a portion of my manuscript in the correct chapter number sequence. So frustrating!

So, for example I wanted to compile a few chapters within Act 2 with their chapter numbers, but the chapter number would always start at chapter 1. I tried so many different settings, including:

  • treat like a complete manuscript checked and unchecked
  • using filter
    -changing the placeholder within the Title prefix section of the formatting compile window
  • even consulted the manual
    All to no avail.

It was absolutely ridiculous that nothing worked.
So, I ended up having to compile the entire manuscript just to get the correct chapter numbers, and then delete all chapters manually in Word before the midpoint.

Surely, there is a method for this process that is inbuilt in Scrivener because I know I’m not the only one who wants to compile only a few chapters at a time, and keep the chapter numbers true to the whole manuscript.

Please enlighten me!

Other than tacking in a line with the right number of autonumber placeholders in order to burn off the unwanted earlier chapter numbers, I couldn’t figure how to do it. The placeholder system does not seem to have a way to set a start number for an autonumber stream

The brute force strategy alluded to above would be something like this:

Suppose chapter numbering is the deliverance of something like this:

CHAPTER <$t:chapter>

Then prepending the compile group with the following will make the first chapter in the compile get the number four.

<$t:chapter> <$t:chapter> <$t:chapter>

Of course, this will also put the line ‘One Two Three’ at the top of your compiled result. Easily deleted. (Perhaps there would be a way to hide that text so it counted up the chap number but did not show up in compiled output — unsure.)

This is at least slightly less troublesome (?) than the expedient you ended up resorting to.


In the Compile dialog, above where you see the documents to be compiled, you’ll see a box labelled “Treat Compile Group as Complete Manuscript”. Does that not do what you want?



PS Sorry, I can’t add a screenshot as I get an alert that the “Board attachment quota has been reached”.

Ioa, “Help!” :smiley:

This doesn’t appear to do what was wanted. At least not in my tests with a placeholder like <$t:chapter>. If you Compile a subclass of the draft folder which omits the first chapter, the chapter you do compile gets named “Chapter One”. So, unless I am missing something here, that checkbox option doesn’t solve the problem.


P.S. BTW, it appears the only way to get this checkbox to appear is to choose, on the Compile pop-up there, some one subfolder of the Draft folder. It is not enough to specify a subclass of the Draft documents in any other way (e.f. picking and choosing the files in the dialog or choosing “Compile: Current Selection”).

Me again. Two years later. I still have this problem.

Came on to see if a solution had been found, but no dice. Not in Scrivener 3. There isn’t even the old option any longer: “Compile as part of a whole manuscript”.