Parts of documents not being included in compile


Hopefully someone can advise me.

When trying to compile my novel I am finding that parts of chapters disappear.

I have my file set up as
Title Page

The loss of paragraphs does NOT happen at a document break, it is within a document.
I’ve turned on invisibles and see no formatting codes.

It compiles correctly, without dropping paragraphs to word and pdf.
It drops paragraphs ( the same ones ) when compiling to mobi or epub

when I copy the test and paste it into notepad, the text that is being dropped does not copy. It acts as if it is not there.

I did find a typo g in place of "at both locations where it is dropping the information.
Erasing the G did fix the issue in one of the two problem locations, but it does not fix it in the other problem location.

I’ve managed to get around the problem by compiling to word then pasting everything back into a completely new scrivener file, but I’d still like to figure out what I did to cause this so I can avoid it in the future.

Would it be possible to send a zipped copy of the project (or a sample project showing the problem) to AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I can take a look at the encoding on the document(s) in question? This isn’t something I’ve seen before, but from the description it sounds as though there’s something within the document itself preventing the proper compile for the ebook formats. Was this typed directly in Scrivener, do you recall, or was it originally copied or imported from somewhere else?

If you’re willing to send the project, you can just use File > Back Up > Back Up To… with the “Backup as ZIP” option checked, then attach that backup to your email, along with a link to this thread and an indication of which paragraphs aren’t compiling correctly. Add “ATTN - Jennifer” in the subject line so whoever gets it knows to pass it on to me. Thanks!

I’ve been trying to send it but I keep getting this email response back as a failure:

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You’re trying to send 25MB; the limit is 10MB.
Try cutting it down. A lot.