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Still struggling with my images here up in the cold north.

Just for the record: There is no way I will be able to cut & paste PARTS of an image (text paragrahps in a book page) inside Scrivener? Even if I convert the jpg to PDF or whatever. The only thing that would do this possible, would be to OCR the image first, right? All Scrivener will let me do with an image is resize or rotate, right? Can anybody think of a workaround?

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You’ll have to edit images outside of Scrivener, yes - Scrivener isn’t an image editing program. It allows for the import of different file types for reference, but it can hardly be expected to be an editor for all of these different file types. You can, however, select “Open in External Editor”, which will open the file inside Scrivener in whatever program is associated with that image type.
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Once again, the Grab service is one way of doing this:

  1. Split the Scrivener window into two panes.

  2. Open your image in the top pane and a standard text document in the bottom one: make sure the bottom pane has the focus and that the insertion point is where you want to paste the image fragment.

  3. Select Services>Grab>Selection and pick the area you want to grab. Scrivener will paste the screenshot into the document.

I’ve used it with PDFs for pulling out illustrations I need to write about individually.

It can take a bit of fiddling to make sure the original image is at a useful scale.

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When you get the “cross hairs” use it to drag a “box” on anything viewable on the screen.

When you release the mouse a picture is made (screen capture) but instead of capturing the whole screen you only capture what was inside the box. If you want the whole contents of a “window” instead of draggging the crosshairs move them over a window, click the spacebar once and the crosshairs turn into a camera icon then click your mouse button and the whole window is now captured.

This is a very easy method to capture quick snippets of pictures, text, snapshots of scenes from videos, web pages, or anything viewable on your screen. Then it saves them as a PNG (other formats available).

IN the finder Help search for SCREEN SHOT

Very useful tool for quickly collecting snippets of things for notes etc and works in any application.

Thanks - finally got it. Works beautifully. Thank you for your patience.