Passing a backslash to Latex

For myself, I created a style for this called “Raw LaTeX”. I use that to mark any text in the editor that needs to be passed through the MMD engine. The compile format has the job of turning this styled text into something, or perhaps ignoring it or even deleting the text.

The attached demo project is set up to show three scenarios. To view how they work, open Compile and double-click on each format in the left sidebar, examining its Styles pane and what it does with the “Raw LaTeX” style:

  • MMD5 - LaTeX: uses the
  • MMD6 - LaTeX: uses the newer method{=latex} (also compatible with Pandoc, as I understand it).
  • Non-LaTeX: merely demonstrates how styled text can be completely removed from the output, much like using an inline annotation would. (66.9 KB)