Passive Text Selection Color with Dark Mode


I’m having trouble while using the find function in Dark Mode. While searching a document for a word using command f, the selection highlight is a dulled grey which does not contrast well with dark mode. I’m looking for a way to change the color and can’t find it in the Appearance section of Preferences.

There is an option under Textual Marks, but it only changes the color of the word in the search bar. While a workaround, it doesn’t help my with current need. I’ll often use the search bar to locate specific documents and use command f to search a separate word within the selected document.

Thanks for your help!

The selection colour can be changed in Preferences > Appearance > Main Text > Text Selection. By default it uses the system default selection colour - perhaps you have accents and highlights on the system set up to be grey?

Hope that helps.

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for your help thus far. So I had changed that already to a light blue. When the find window is up, then those selections become passive. It’s that color I’m looking to change. An example of where the current setting is problematic would be in the event I’m using find on a large document. Hitting the “next” button immediately brings the find window to the forefront, causing all selections on the Editor to remain that dulled grey.

Is there a way to change those selections in the passive window?

Ah, right, I see. No, I’m afraid there’s no way to change that - no way for me to change it, either, as it is a system setting; I only have control over the active colour. However, why not just close the panel? Hit enter after the first find and then use Cmd-G on the keyboard to find the next item?

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