Password protect Scrivener file

I am finding it very difficult to drop Dropbox in spite of my concerns over leaving open files there. Nothing else does what it does so easily. I don’t have a problem with Word and Pages files on DB because you can password protect them. I know Scrivener may be a bit more difficult since the files are effectively folders. But if I could password protect a Scrivener file too (and the zip backup) I’d feel a lot more comfortable.

Hi David,

Unfortunately this is virtually impossible because .scriv files are, as you note, essentially folders. This means that even if there were some sort of system whereby you were asked to enter a password when you opened the project in Scrivener, no real protection would be afforded since anyone accessing your Dropbox account who didn’t have Scrivener installed would just see the .scriv file as a regular folder and so could just access its contents directly.

I had hoped to be able to provide a password option for zipped backups, but this currently isn’t technically possible because Scrivener just calls the commandline utility to zip things up. While the commandline utility supports passwords, there is no way - insofar as I have been able to find out at least - to pass it a password or use this feature from Scrivener; passwords are only possible when zipping things up directly via the Terminal.

Another option, however, might be to use an encrypted disk image. Just use Disk Utility to create a disk image (.dmg) large enough for your projects and make sure it is password-protected. Then save your projects into that disk image and save the disk image on Dropbox. You would mount the disk image in order to open your projects; anyone without the password would not be able to do so.

All the best,

Thanks for the quick answer, Keith.

I rather suspected that if it was doable you would have done it. Never mind. Faffing around with encryption utilities rather does away with the great convenience of Dropbox. If only they’d introduce an encryption option for users. I suspect iCloud won’t have much on that front either and I feel desperately insecure entrusting confidential data in this way.

Tho actually I just tried your suggestion and it’s easy to set up anyway…


Just wondering if there’s been any update to this. I’m hoping to password protect one sensitive Scrivner file, since I’d like to also use it w/ the Scrivner mobile app for the iPad – and am just seeking extra security for that particular file. Any ideas / suggestions for how to provide extra security for it, esp. when using it on the iPad (apart from just creating a password to access the iPad)? Thanks very much.