password protect

i was just wondering if it is possible to password protect or lock a scrivener file?

There is no built-in password protection for Scrivener files.

If you’re determined, you can use Disk Utility to make a password-protected Disk Image and put your Scrivener file in there but I’m guessing, given the tenor of your question, that to do so would be overkill.


Or you could turn your Mac’s password protection on (i.e., disable automatic log-in).

You can also set your Mac to require the user password when waking from sleep or a screen saver. If what you’re actually worried about is people looking at your stuff when you’re away from your computer, passwording your account combined with this ‘screen lock’ is the easiest option.

On the other hand, if you’re asking because you want to make the file available to someone else but require a password to open it, then I think the simplest solution would be to look into utilities that can create password-protected .zip files.

Does anyone use ‘file vault’, which I thought was intended to do that? I’ve never even tried it, 'cos it seemed to be rather buggy when it was first introduced and I didn’t like the risk of losing my stuff by being locked out of it as a result of an “undocumented feature”.


No, I’ve never used File Vault for much the same reasons, I just don’t trust it.

Me, too.

I just use an encrypted disk image for the really important stuff. The rest is handled by disabling automatic login.


File vault has had some issues and some dire results of corrupt data or data loss.

Making a disk Image password protected to store your SCR files is easiest or use Stuffit Deluxe. Password protect your computer or just keep a thumb drive with a pass prot DMG file and keep it on your person.

Actually I had a a more domestic reason for wanting to lock the file. I just don’t want the wife reading in progress work which may or may not concern her.

Ah :slight_smile: Then it sounds like separate, password-protected user accounts for each of you would be the easiest solution!

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As for whether this is overkill, I don’t know. I can’t imagine writing anything I’d be afraid of letting my wife read, but obviously I don’t know your circumstance… Maybe for such documents, you should turn to Google Docs or an equivalent, so the items aren’t actually on your computer?

it’s scrivener or bust I’m afraid. there’s nothing worse than a converted catholic.