Password protected downloadable files

MobileMe used to let me upload files, password protected, that could be downloaded by other computer users across platforms.

It does not seem that iCloud or DropBox allows this without either of those services already on the downloaders computer.

Any thoughts on how to get this done?


I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t cost you extra, that allows for a web URL shared file protected by a password. What I would do, if you have your own website, you could just drop the file into a subfolder on your site and then put an HTTP password on the folder.


Know of anything available at a moderate price?

Opera has something like that—you can choose a folder on your computer for files you want to share, and then use Opera to generate a link (that can be password-protected) for others to download the file with.

The downside is that your computer and Opera has to be running and connected for others to download. It doesn’t store the file online, just copies it from your computer to theirs.

Here’s a good round-up of file sharing web services. It has noted which ones support password protection. I’ve heard good things about, but with password protected shares, it is expensive for personal use. If this is for an expense account though, it’s not bad. Free without the password. As long as you delete the file after everyone has it, that’s not too risky as the URL only goes to those who you send it to (as would the password).

And yes, if your computer is on always, peer-to-peer sending (like Opera) remains a viable and secure way of doing this as it all stays off the Web.