Password protection

MS Word and other basic WP apps allows a user to password protect documents. It’d be fantastic to be able to password protect Projects in Scrivener.

BTW—best writing tool since Final Draft.

Scrivener for Mac OS

Thanks for the kind words!

Password protection in Scrivener would be misleading - it would imply that your project is secure when it is not. The trouble is that .scriv files are in fact packages, so anyone with a general knowledge of the application would still be able to access your work by Ctrl-clicking on the .scriv file in the Finder and using “Show Package Contents” to access the raw RTF files inside.

A more secure option is to create an encrypted disk image and store your .scriv file or files on that.

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You can also encrypt your entire disk using FileVault (in OS X’s system preferences). Combined with using separate log ins for each user, this makes your data very secure.

Note: you can also encrypt your TimeMachine backup disk using FileVault as well. End result: No one can access your Scrivener projects unless you give them access.

Probably wishful thinking, but I’d love to see a protection scheme similar to Moneydance’s when the iPad version of Scrivener arrives. (I do use the Mac’s built in encryption to create a disk image for my work, but this would be more seamless).

Moneydance is a finance/checkbook register app. You have the option of encrypting your data file. If you choose that option, then your data file is balled up as an encrypted file whenever you close the app. When you want to open the file (from the File > Open menu of the app), you’re prompted for a password, after which the encrypted data file is descrypted and opened. I’d love to have the Scrivener package be encrypted, and require a password within the app (Mac and iPad) to open. That would make syncing a bit more seamless.

I’m not a programmer, so this might not even be possible with Scrivener, but that’s my wish in a perfect world.

The disk image works great but I can’t seem to back it up to my Goggle Drive account. Any thoughts on that?

<<A more secure option is to create an encrypted disk image and store your .scriv file or files on that.>>