Password/Serial Number/eSellerate help, please

I would greatly appreciate help. I would like to get into Scrivener on my computer and I would like to do the trial upgrade to Scrivener 3.

I have the DVD for Scrivener 2 with the eSellerate Order ID No., but the screens aren’t recognizing it.

I need to retreive/find my password, too. I can’ do anything with Scrivener 2.0 on my MacBook Air. A new operating system was installed about three months ago. I haven’t tried to do anything with Scrivener 2.0 since that installation, so I’m accessing Scrivener 2.0 for a brand new “first time” I don’t know what happened to the password, maybe I changed it without writing it down.

And now I’'ve downloaded the Scrivener 3 trial and can’t access it at all

The system/forum recognizes me on this computer, but I don’t know with what, because I don’t have to sign in.

Thank you.

It’s usually best to open a support ticket for registration issues:

We can’t post serial numbers here, and can’t access your registration information without contact information.