Past Daily Word Counts

I know how to see my word count totals each day that I write and for each document, folder etc in the outliner mode. I am searching for a way to see Word counts for previous days, especially those that may have been split between 2 or more documents. As of now, I see no other way to do this other than track my total each day and record it in external spreadsheet.
I’ve searched for some time but have not been able to find this in previous help or forum topics.

Thank you in a advance for any response.


Does this thread help…

That’s quite an old thread. In fact, a writing history feature will be coming with the next major (paid) update next year. However, in the meantime, the only way is indeed to record your daily word counts in a spreadsheet if you really want to keep track of them, just as you would need to in any other word processor.
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You don’t have to keep it in an external spreadsheet. You can import that spreadsheet into your project (and open in external editor to add to it).

Or just keep a list of comma or tab-separated values in a Scrivener document. You can export that file periodically and import to a spreadsheet (specifying CSV or Tab-delimited source file) if you want to get fancier than “DATE,WORDCOUNT”.

Thanks so much for the quick responses, and I like the idea of keeping the count within Scrivener, didn’t think of that at first.
Looking forward to the update, Keith and may I say I love your software and my novel writing has become much more efficient as I use more and more of the available tools.

It might be more trouble than it’s worth, but there are a number of applications that will use Twitter for time and productivity tracking. Automatic Twitter sharing of your progress doesn’t work with OS X Yosemite, but if you already use Twitter it would be pretty trivial to just send out a tweet as you shut down for the day.

I haven’t personally used Mite; it’s just an example of the kind of service I mean: