Past Text - Destination Format

Forgive a possibly dumb question: anybody know how to past text into Scrivener so the text formatting changes from the original into the format of the destination file?

In other words, I copy something in Helvetica but my Scrivener default is Goudy Old Style. When I past, the stuff remains in Helvetica. I’d like it to automatically turn into Goudy Old Style. Possible?


Edit/Paste and Match Style. Or Shift-Opt-Cmd-V. That will strip out all formatting, so if you wish to retain any inline styling like italics, then it would be better to do all of your snippet collection and then tidy up the document with Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style.

Excellent. Thanks so much.

Since I almost always want to Paste and Match Style rather than simply Paste, I used OS X’s Preferences Keyboard pane to change the keyboard setting. Here is how:

In Lion, from the Keyboard preference pane, choose the Keyboard Shortcuts window and then click on Application Shortcuts in the list on the right. Click on the + below the right window to create a new shortcut and assign Command-V to Paste and Match Style for Scrivener only. The previous link between Command V and Paste will disappear, but you can still paste with all the formatting intact using the Edit menu.

For me, that’s faster than tangling my clumsy fingers around multiple keys. You can use the same procedure to remap other keystrokes either in general or in specific applications.