Paste and image resize bug

In Beta 2.o I cannot paste an image into Scrivener without having some text to go along with the image. For example, if I try to paste a screen capture by itself into Scrivener, then I get nothing. But, if I paste the image into MS Word first, add some text, and then copy and paste the text and image into Scrivener, then it pastes okay.

Also, once I get an image into Scrivener, it is too large, and I cannot resize it.

I am using Windows 7.

Thanks we’ll look into this.

In 2.0.5 for Mac I’m also having a bug where the image is way too large once I import it.

Most images end up hanging below the page that they are put into, with an enormous cursor in front.

Thankfully this doesn’t affect how they are dealt with when I compile it into an rtf - in other words, I can scale the image correctly in a word processor layout program – but doing so gets to be tedious every single time I have to compile a version for others to see. It’s not a critical bug, but certainly annoying.

I’ll report this as a Mac bug as well, just saw that it seems to be a cross-platform bug when using the “search” function here and thought it’d be worth mentioning here as well.



On the Mac you can double-click on an image to access its size controls, which will preserve the selected scale of the image when you export it to RTF from that point onward. No need to do this every single time after you compile. In regards to the tall cursor, that’s a quirk of the layout system we use, whereby it respects your line-height setting. Line-height is typically factored as a product of the base line-height. So for 12pt text, the base line-height is 12pt, and if you factor a 1.5 line-height you get an 18pt line-height. With an image however, the base is going to be much larger, so that same 1.5 factor will generate a much larger top-space than necessary. To fix this, just place your cursor on the line that contains the image, and reset its line-height factor to 1.0.

Side note: I’m not sure what you are using the images for, but if this is for print, you might wish to consider sizing them correctly before importing them. For instance a 300 DPI image that is 5" wide should be 1,500 pixels across. Resizing it down so it looks good in your editor could result in quality loss in the final print. If these aren’t for press publication, then all of this is probably not something to worry about.