Paste and Match Style Issue

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but when I use the ‘paste’ or ‘paste and match style’ feature, Scrivener 3 adds an unwanted paragraph return.

I’m using it on a PC with Windows 10.

Thank you in advance and happy holidays to all.

That’s odd. Just to confirm, the material that you’re pasting does not have any paragraph returns in it. Is that correct?

Are you copying and pasting from one Scrivener document to another? From a website into Scrivener? Or a Word doc?

And, does the behavior change depending on the source material?

What about if you try copying and pasting from that same source into a different Scrivener project, like a new document added to the Interactive Tutorial? Does that also add the unwanted paragraph return?

I’m trying to brainstorm possible reasons this behavior might be showing up and items you can test to perhaps isolate the cause of the issue.

i’m sorry for my late reply -

I am cutting and pasting from an Open Office document, a sentence within a paragraph.

Thank you.

Oh, and there are no paragraph returns in what I cut and paste.

if you paste same onto another application do you see same result?

No, only when pasting in to Scrivener 3.