Paste and Match Style

I wish “Paste and Match Style” was the default. At the moment I’m working from an assortment of PDF, HTML, and RTF files and I can say that there is NEVER, EVER one single moment when I would like to preserve the formatting. In fact I end up wasting my time fixing things. I want everything to look like Scrivener from the start, ya get me.

To make matters worse, if I forget and hit command+V (command+V is, I think, the instinctive behaviour) the document preserves the copied style. I’ve taken to just trashing it and recopying using the esoteric key combo. In older Scriv projects—before I figured this out—I have an ugly mess of styles. When would I actually want that? What do you folks think? Am I missing something.

no, I think this is an interesting question. I can see both sides - it’s not like the key combo is hard for paste and match style (anyone who has learned a musical instrument should be comfortable with it) - but it’s definitely more common for me to want to match style so maybe that should be the default.

It’s a question of whether this is hard to implement or not.

I guess the ideal would be: it’s an easy fix (Keith?) and there’s enough room in prefs to make it an option.

Worse case - just learn the new key combo until the muscle memory kicks in. I think I’m almost there.

I also prefer to paste and match style when grabbing from sources external to Scrivener (i.e. web pages, word docs).

But when grabbing text from within Scrivener, I would want to preserve formatting (eg. I don’t want to lose text I have deliberately italicised, etc).

So I guess either way I would want access to both options, and I probably do more of the second than the first. I don’t like the key combo for paste and match style though, so I will probably override that on my computer with something I find more accessible.

If you feel really strongly about this, you can go to the Keyboard & Mouse settings of OS X’s System Preferences and set up your own keyboard shortcuts, so that Cmd-V does Paste and Match Style and Shift-Opt-Cmd-V does a standard Paste.

Scrivener should most certainly not swap these by default, though. The current set-up is standard across OS X so inverting them would be contrary to the expectations of the majority of users. Also, in a rich text system such as Scrivener, it is more common to want to keep the style - otherwise you lose italics, bold, underlines and so forth which, when pasting between documents, you would most likely want to keep.