Paste as plain text, not styled

I’m writing some technical stuff, and I’m always looking up official names on google. When I copy and paste into Scrivener it keeps the style from the HTML, and not that of the document.

Is there a way to paste as plain text directly into the Scrivner document w/o the HTML styling (color, bold, etc)? I’m on a mac using firefox.

I realize this might be a feature for most. But it’s an annoyance for me at the moment.

I’d be happy with a non-Scrivener solution that forces Firefox to always copy as plain text like this: … 134?id=134

I haven’t installed it yet, but I will if there is not a Scrivener setting to do it.


Easy. Edit | Paste and Match Style. If you want Cmd-V to always behave this way, you can change the keyboard shortcut in the Keyboard prefpane.

Thanks, that works!

To make this the default behavior for cmd-V in Scrivener, I have to change a system preference? There’s no way to change it within Scrivener?

You change it the same way you can for any program. It’s very easy. You just go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse. Then, under “Keyboard Shortcuts”, just click on “Add”, select Scrivener, type in “Paste and Match Style” for the menu item name and set cmd-V as the keyboard shortcut. Do the same for “Paste” but swapping it to the current “Paste and Match Style” keyboard shortcut. This allows you to change the keyboard shortcut for any menu item or program on your system. It would be silly for me to spend time implementing a feature that would then clutter up the Scrivener Preferences panel when the feature is already available anyway!
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Fantastic tip! I’ve been copying and pasting information, using cmd-c and cmd-v, in various styles from DevonThink to my manuscript, then tediously converting it to plain-vanilla double-spaced Courier (my Scrivener default). This saves all kinds of time and trouble. Thanks.