Paste causes font format to stick

I did a quick search and didn’t see this. If this was mentioned before, sorry :blush:

When I paste header text from a particular recipe website and accidentally forget to “paste and match format,” the text comes out as a link to nowhere (click on it and nothing happens and there is nothing in the link dialog) but this isn’t a problem because it does have “remove link” available in right-click. This removes the link color and underline.

The problem is that the size won’t change. I’ve tried the dropdown in the toolbar. I’ve tried the font dialog window. No matter what’s selected, it won’t change. Font styles and names will change but the size won’t. Even undoing the paste will not revert it back to the original format. The only thing that seems to fix it is to replace it all by pasting text from elsewhere with a different format.

I’m not sure why this happened with this particular site, and truthfully I’ve only encountered this one other time from another site I can’t remember right now so I don’t see this as a huge problem. I just thought you guys would like to know just in case it does become widespread.

Could you point us to the URL along with which piece of text on the page we should try and test with? It would also help to know which browser you use.

Sounds like a mess. Did you try to correct it with Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style?

AmberV, I’m using Firefox 32.0 (just updated from 31) and this is the page. It happens when I include the headers (ingredients, preparation, etc.), and it happens with just about every recipe on the site. It doesn’t do this when I select only the text. My way around it was to just “paste and match style” but sometimes I would forget and have to go back and fix, which was the problem.

DavidR, that worked perfectly. Still didn’t correct the link to nowhere, but at least it’s not difficult to fix from there!


Every time I turn around Firefox is a dozen major version points higher than it was last time. Somebody needs to tell those people what a major version increment should mean. :wink:

I didn’t actually get the same problem you described. I could change the formatting of the text after pasting it in. I’m not sure I’m doing precisely the same thing however. By headers, do you mean the actual HTML header? Are you copying and pasting the code out of Firefox’s code view? Sorry if I’m being too geeky about that. I took the less geeky route, and just hit Ctrl-A on the page, Ctrl-C to copy and then of course Ctrl-V into a blank file in Scrivener.

At any rate, glad to see the format conversion tool is at least fixing things for you. I hope that is good enough to proceed with when Paste and Match Style is forgotten.

Are you using Scrivener 1.7.3? I tried with the linked page on Firefox 32 and selected everything on the page, from “Become a member!” at the top through the Condé Nast credits at the bottom and even the related recipes, and it all pasted into Scrivener looking all right and with the font size adjustable.

Some of the links are a little odd in that only the first letter is an actual link, which I think must be a result of the script for the page, as not all of them come in this way. This might be what you’re seeing with the “link to nowhere”. In “Become a member!” for instance, only the “B” is part of the link, although the whole thing retains its link appearance. The link does work, though, if you click the B. You could select the whole link and then choose Edit > Link… to apply the link to the complete selection (the link will appear in the dialog, since it’s picked up from the one linked character). Or just remove link, if you don’t want it.

AmberV, I totally agree with you on their crazy numbering system!

For me, I use the mouse and select from the beginning of “Ingredients” all the way down to “surround with chips and serve.” I press ctrl-C, press ctrl-v inside Scrivener (when I forget to paste and match style), and here’s a capture of what I get:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely happy with the format conversion tool. I just thought you’d like a complete run down of what I did and the result.

MM, yup! I always keep it updated. “Ingredients” and “Preparation” (or any others like them) are the ones that will not change their size. All of the text between those two and after “Preparation” will change, though.

Strange thing is that when I hover over “add to shopping list,” that was the section that contained the link. Nothing else did, not even the first letter. weird. “Remove link” works like a charm for that part, so no worries!

Hm. Well, the difference is including the image. I’m not entirely sure on the technical details of how that affects the paste from the clipboard, but if you start your selection with the image of the dip and pita chips and go through “and serve”, you’ll get the cleaner paste Ioa and I are seeing. You can always delete the image afterward if you don’t want it.

Perfect. Thanks for all the help!