paste destroyed my document after up date

I updated a few days ago. This morning, I pasted one word from one document to another within the same project, control c to copy control v to paste.

When it pasted it deleted about an hours worth of editing/ writing and pushed the lines over each other so two or three paragraphs are un readable.

Help. I need to get my work back. and make the document readable again.

Update: if I cut and paste the whole text from scrivner to word, the entire doc is there in word. It must be some kind of view issue. so now looking mainly to get doc in scrivner readable.

It sounds like a spacing issue, although pasting a single word and its formatting shouldn’t have affected multiple paragraphs. Nevertheless, the first thing I’d try is just selecting all the text in that document and then using the spacing drop-down menu in the format bar (or Format > Text > Spacing) to set that to your normal style. Alternatively you could use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style to reset the formatting.

Hi, Jenifer. Thanks for the feedback. The first thing I tried was formatting. It did not work. I did not try the system defaults. Can I do that for the one text and not the whole folder or project. I do have other parts with different fonts and I would hate to have to re do all that.

Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style works just on the selected document, so e.g. select the problem one in the binder, then choose the command to convert it. It doesn’t reset to the factory defaults but rather to whatever you’ve set as the default formatting in the Editor tab of Tools > Options. That said, this is just going to change the font, spacing, etc. the same as it sounds like you’ve already done via the format bar or other tools, so I don’t expect it to do anything if those changes didn’t work.

Are you viewing the document in Scrivenings mode along with others? I’ve seen a bug with lengthy Scrivenings sessions where some text won’t load correctly, sometimes appearing squished like you’re describing, but I’ve never seen that connected with a Paste action–maybe if it were a large paste so that it made the session sufficiently large that it triggered the display bug, but that doesn’t sound like what happened here. Still, worth checking.

Could you send a zipped copy of the project with a reference to this thread to AT literatureandlatte DOT com, ATTN: Jennifer, and indicate the problem document? Seeing it directly might help sort out what the problem is and how to resolve it. You can create a zipped copy using File > Back Up > Back Up To… and checking the ZIP option.

I got this email from Jeff and the paste match style did work:

Hello Adam,

That is extremely bizarre. From the sounds of it, none of the text was actually lost, it was just that one block of text was being rendered over the top of another. My best guess is that the line spacing/paragraph spacing that came along for the ride (during the paste operation) was extremely messed up, resulting in the overlapping text (this is just a guess, as I’ve never actually witnessed this problem before).

There are a lot of problems that can happen when you paste “rich-text,” as the formatting that one program uses (and copies to the clipboard) can become pretty corrupted by the time is makes it to the target program. This is due to the way formatting is stored behind the scenes, and usually is a result of copying a section of text, because some of the relevant formatting settings are in the part of the text that you didn’t copy.

This isn’t just a problem with Scrivener, as I encounter the same issue every day using Framemaker. My advice (and the procedure that I follow myself) is to never do a simple paste. Instead, use the “Paste and Match Style”
option, which strips out formatting. I wish this was the default, but it isn’t because the industry standard for CTRL+V is to paste in the full text, complete with formatting, despite the problems that it causes (you can actually remap this shortcut yourself under “Tools > Options > Keyboard,” and it isn’t a bad idea). Using “Paste and Match Style” eliminates 99% of the problems that can be caused by a standard paste.