Paste images & clickable http://<text here>

I’ve been playing with Scapple for a few hours and like it. There’s two bits that didn’t quite do what I was expecting:

  1. I can drag-n-drop an image file, but not an image that’s in on the clipboard. I’d like to be able to ^v an image into the canvas.

  2. If there’s text that starts with , can that be made “live” to bring up the URL in the default browser?

It would be also useful to have a fixed-width font available. I have some text tables that I’ve pasted in and they become hard to read.



Alan, I’m sure you’ll get more info on this, but in the meantime – you can easily make clickable links.

Past your URL into a note, then select the URL and and choose Make Link from the right-click context menu.

You can make the board use any font you want using the “Document” pane of the Inspector.

As for images, you can paste them into Scapple, but it will depend on the format the image data is in on the pasteboard. But I just tried selecting an image in the Finder and copying and pasting it into Scapple, and one from Scrivener, and both worked fine.

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Re: Links. I’m not seeing a Make Link item in the context menu? Is there a config for that?

Re: images. The image paste scenario that is important to me is of a web clip (Shift-^-cmd-4) from safari. Not sure what format that stores, png?

Re: Font. Yes, can change the whole document, but I was looking for something a little more fine grained. I don’t necessarily want everything in courier. Since there’s already formatting information stored per note, it would be nice to add font to those attributes.



No, there’s nothing for this other than to use Add/Edit Link in the Edit menu.

I don’t know, shift-cmd-4 just snaps something and places it in the Desktop folder without putting it on the pasteboard, doesn’t it?

Ah, okay, then no, there is no way of doing this and no plans to add it, sorry.

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That does it. Add URL in note then cmd-L. I missed that in the Edit menu.

shift-control-cmd-4 adds to the paste buffer. i can paste into Word and other other places, just get a ‘boop’ when trying into Scapple.



Adding Control to the Shift-Cmd-3/4 shortcuts puts PNG and TIFF data on the pasteboard instead of making a file. It looks like Scrivener and Finder include only TIFF data (as well as plain-text data for the file/item name). Odd that this would trip it up though since TIFF seems to work fine for the latter, why not the former?

Scapple would make a fine image layout visualizer (eg how to lay out 30 images on 6 webpages) with just a couple of additions. Currently images can be dragged from the Finder into Scapple. If they could be resized in Scapple (eg use same code as for Scriv. image resize), the resulting thumbnails could be dragged around to test page layouts.

Also, if filenames could auto be dragged with images into Scapple, and stay with them during thumbnail rearrangement, it would save having to manually copy/paste/move filenames with the images.

An alternative: allow copy of two linked items from Scrivener—a resized image plus an added text filename—then treat both as a single unit for moving around in Scapple.

They [pics) can be resized already.

Just select the picture, put your cursor on any of the edges and it changes to a resize cursor. Then just drag… :wink: