Paste into Google Drive and Preserve Style

Hi, everyone–

I’m new to Scrivener and loving it so far. (Posted about my first experience here:

My current workflow has me going either from Scrivener into Word or from Scrivener into Google Drive/Docs. The former is easy enough to do, but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to compile a Scrivener project right to Google Drive. I.e., there doesn’t seem to be an export to Google Drive option?

So my workaround was to just copy and paste (it was a simple project), but I couldn’t figure out how to have Google preserve the styles in Scrivener, even though I tried paste and match style.

Any ideas for preserving styles when going from Scrivener to Google Drive? I can use Word as an intermediary between the two in the meantime, which works fine.

Google Drive uses its own format. Your best bet is going to be to compile to a format that GDrive understands (RTF, DOC, etc…) and then import from there.

What kind of formatting are you trying to preserve?


Thanks for the reply–that’s what I’ve been doing. Just was hoping to skip the in-between step, but I think that’s on Google and not Scrivener.

As for formatting/styles, it’s really not much. Just some italics for emphasis, bold for centered headings, etc.