Paste OS clipboard contents into corkboard as new item?

I’ll offer this as a suggestion, hoping I have not overlooked such or its equivalent, for whatever it is or isn’t worth. Scrivener is already superb. If this is better accomplished via some manual procedure or other application, I’m certainly open to that. I will also seek advice elsehwere in these forums as to how other folks accomplish this. Thanks.

SUGGESTION - Be able to paste OS clipboard contents into corkboard as new item, of appropriate type where possible. As opposed to having to first capture/save them out to files, then import/drag the files in from the OS file system.

Example situation is where I’m capturing large numbers of historical photos and their URLs from the internet, for retention and convenience sake while writing. I can sort of do this if willing to paste into a text document, though starts to get slow and chug once I’ve pasted several photos into a single document. Seems like would be nice to be able to copy the picture from web browser, then hover over empty spot on Scrivener corkboard, initiate a paste and have a new item, of appropriate type, created and the photo pasted into it. In the case of a photo/image, presumably could have the new item automatically be an image item (or perhaps could let user set options as to what type of item should be created/start to be created, based on what type of OS clipboard material it is). In the case of a URL, presumably could invoke the “how do you want to handle this web page” dialog, perhaps with some field(s) prefilled. In the case of non-URL text, presumably could have the new item automatically be a document item.

There may be issues, such as unintended consequences, that rule this out. Such as what happens if one tries such a paste onto an existing corkboard item, rather than an empty spot in the corkboard.

UNRELATED SUGGESTION - Given that the existing “duplicate” command essentially already does combined copy and paste actions, perhaps also offer explicit copy and paste actions. (II’ve updated this paragraph to start with UNRELATED rather than RELATED, as this suggestion is specific to working purely inside Scrivener… basically the possibility of additionally offering Copy and Paste selections wherever Duplicate selection is currently offered.)

Would seem to be easier to use for “duplicate and then move the resulting duplicate item elsewhere” where destination of duplicate is somewhere other than the current context/folder.

As before, I recognize there may be issues, such as unintended consequences, that rule this out.

Regardless, thanks. I’ve procrastinated enough today, back to writing in already superb Scrivener.

Not entirely what you’re asking for, but you can drag an image out of most web browsers and drop it in the binder, which will put it in its own document? Probably easier than c+ping them all into a document first :wink:

Thanks for the answers.

This is on a Window 7 PC with the Scrivener beta, Norton Internet Security, …

What I found was that could not drag pictures from Internet Explorer 9 into Scrivener, but could from Safari, FireFox and Chrome.

Upgraded to Internet Explorer 10. Could not drag from it, and dragging from Chrome stopped working.

By not working, I mean that IE and Chrome are apparently passing a link of some sort rather than the image itself… Scrivener seems to think those two are feeding it URLs and is trying to import it as plain text. Though can drag from them to desktop.

Anyway, probably due to strangeness on my machine.

Right now, I’m good with being able to drag photos from Safari, FireFox and also Opera (didn’t try it earlier) into Scrivener.

Wish was still working with Chrome (reinstall didn’t help), as I like Chrome’s built in language translation feature (though I assume similar capability is available for the others as plug-ins or some such).


Many Mac OS X clients have a “New | From Clipboard” menu choice.