Paste Text From A Word Document

Not sure if this is a bug or just the way Scriv handles this:

I copy / paste text from Word (2010) into an existing Scriv project and the text is all pushed to the left side of the screen - it doesn’t expand to the right margin, as compared to writing text raw in Scriv, the text expands to fill the entire screen, margin to magin. Doesn’t appear to hurt anything, when I compile it all looks ok, just looks goofy (compressed) when you come to that section as compared to non-pasted text.

Is there anyway to “expand” the pasted text to fit margin to margin? I have tried saving the original word doc as both RTF and Plain Text, also tried the “Paste and Match Fromat” but text is still pasted in compressed left margin to center of page.

Any ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Select text
  • In the formatting bar, select the line spacing drop down menu (will say something like 1x on it) then select “more” at the bottom.
  • Reset the right margin to 0.

I get this pretty consistently from Word, but luckily it’s one of those things I usually only end up doing once or twice.

That did it!!!

TYVM :smiley: