Paste warning

I finally grabbed a picture of the warning. I added something to my clip board in google docs, earlier and then when I started typing in scrivener, I receive the warning that scrivener had pasted from docs.
It hadn’t pasted where I could see it, nor had I intended for it to paste anything. And this isn’t the first time I have gotten this.
Where is it storing my clipboard?

This is a “feature” of iOS 14. I’ve seen it in a lot of different apps. Just another “see how safe we’re keeping you?” that gets shown whenever there’s anything on the clipboard from another app. I ignore it totally and have suffered no ill effects. I sure wish i could turn it off, though.

I only get this when something is being pasted in my other apps. I have never seen it just when my clipboard is full and not used. if this was happening in other apps I would have attributed it to an OS fail. I have tried to recreate it in other apps and the only one that is doing it is Scrivener.