Pasted elements position


When pasting text in Scapple, the placement of the pasted elements is quit strange in its logic.
Scapple should paste new elements in the center of the window the user sees (taking into account the zoom I mean).
Actual version of Scapple simply ignores the user view point and follow some annoying internal logic.
Is a solution possible for this?

Thank you.

Generally speaking it should be pasting roughly in the middle of the current window view. Do you have an example condition that I could try, where this does not happen as expected?

I succeeded in reproducing it just now.
So, you have attached 3 pictures.

  1. Scapple window as is (upper window in image attached). I paste (cmd+v) a text from a PDF document. Ok, it’s centered (middle window in attached file image).
  2. I undo (cmd+z)
  3. move the zoom bar on the bottom of the Scapple window
  4. I paste the same text. You can see it is not centered (bottom window in attached file).

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a vital issu.
But many times, the place to which the element is being pasted is a lot more distant than what I’m showing you now. So it’s just annoying because I have to drag/drop the pasted elements to the correct location. And when you are doing a lot of pasting from external file, that’s making a lot of readjustments.
If I recall correctly, for some zoom level, the pasted element is not visible. There is a need to un-zoom to see it.

Thank you.

There must be some other factor, perhaps in the preferences or in this board itself that is causing the problem. I can’t trigger it with my setup at least, I tried pasting at a couple of dozen different zoom settings and it was always smack in the middle of the window.

Would it be possible to send a copy of your board to our support address? It might also help to have your application preferences file—let me know if you need help finding that.

One thing to note is that you should be able to double-click and paste into the note instead of just pasting straight into the board, if it is causing you hassle. It would be nice to figure out what is wrong though.


I’ll send you a copy of the board.
And yes, can you please tell me where can I find the Preferences file (OSX)?


Preferences are stored in one of two locations, depending on whether the software is sandboxed or not. If you bought software from the Mac App Store, it’s sandboxed and that means it doesn’t use the normal Mac storage locations for anything.





To get into your own Library folder, use the Go menu in Finder with the Option key held down on your keyboard.

Oh, one other variable I thought of that could make a big difference in testing: are you using a Retina screen?