Pasted Graphic Count


When you paste graphics into Scrivener, it kindly names them “Pasted Graphic,” “Pasted Graphic 1,” Pasted Graphic 2," and so on.

However, if you close and reopen Scrivener, it starts the count over again, which can be problematic when compiling with image references (such as markdown) when you really don’t care what the images are called as long as they are unique.

Dragging images maintains the name, so if you use a capture tool that generates a unique name, you are fine, but sometimes being able to paste is nice too!

Maybe it wouldn’t be hard to have an optional setting to generate a unique name when pasting (or even dragging) an image into the document?

Apologies for the late reply. I’m afraid that the “Pasted Graphic” file names aren’t anything to do with Scrivener’s code - this is just how the Apple text system handles it. Whenever you copy from another application, it is usually Apple’s pasteboard code that handles things, and it’s this that deals with the numbers. Keeping an internal count could be quite difficult anyway, simply because there are lots of other things that could throw it off - for instance if you happened to drag in an image that had the same name.

What you can do, though, is simply double-click on an image in the editor to rename it. That way you can have full control over image file names, even when pasted in.

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