Pasted Graphic.png

I’ve been completely successful in creating a file and compiling an eBook that I can email myself and open on my iPhone and iPad. But when I upload it to iTunes, I get an error message:

ERROR ITMS-9000: “Invalid URI in manifest images/Pasted Graphic.png : Illegal character in path at index 13: images/Pasted Graphic.png” at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)

Can’t find the area where the “Pasted Graphic” is to delete it, nor do I know how to find the code in the language where I could remove it (or at least remove the space between “Pasted” and “Graphic”, which I’m assuming is the illegal character).

I’ve tried stripping the cover, back cover and image for the title page - all jpegs - from the document and re-placing them. No luck.

(This IS my first build with Scrivener, so it’s quite possible I did something stupid in the first day or two of building that has now infiltrated my file. Please be gentle with me.) :wink:

Yes, the space character is a limitation with iBooks; the problem will be fixed in the next version of Scrivener. For now, the easiest way to locate it would probably be to deconstruct the epub file. Just change the extension on it to .zip, double-click to decompress it, and then check inside the OPS/images folder. Once you know which one it is, it shouldn’t be hard to locate in Scrivener. Right-click on the graphic to save it out as a file; change the name; drag it back in.

Note if you get a “.cpgz” file when double-clicking the .zip file in Finder, use Terminal instead. Just open up the Terminal application from the Utilities folder on the Mac, type in unzip with a space after it like that, drag and drop the zip file into the Terminal window, then press return. You might want to put it into a working before doing that as it will unzip the top-level right into the same location; so it will make a mess if it is in a working folder.

Wonderful! Thanks for the quick answer, which worked perfectly! Having no idea how to get to the code, it never would have occurred to me to make it a zip file and find the answer there. Everything is now uploaded to iTunes without errors, thanks to your reply!