pasted justified text, short lines stretch across page

I pasted in text from Word (ebook simplified with styles) into a document/file, and since the pre-sets were justified format in both my source file and in my pre-sets in Scrivener, it elongated all the short lines. Must I go through and put returns manually on all those short lines? that’ will be tedious, so thought I’d ask if there was a better way to maintain those short lines with a return so the short lines don’t stretch out across the page. Anyone know?

You might try a couple of tricks:

(Previous step: change your default document format to be left-aligned)

A. In case the additional spaces are also on the source, press Ctrl-Space, which will remove all duplicate spaces in the current document.

B. In case the text is being justified by Scrivener, respecting the original, select the text and click Left alignment from the format bar.

C. If neither of those work, you might try creating a new document and paste again with Ctrl-Shift-V, which will use the format of your default document.

Hope this helps!