Pasted lines writing over one another from Zotero - update?

There’s a thread here: [url]] that documents an issue with dragging citations from Zotero into Scrivener. After some Zotero/Scrivener back-and-forth through a third party, I think you acknowledge it as a Scrivener problem, but it might have slipped through the cracks, as I still have this issue.

UPDATE: This problem only manifests (for me) when I drag/drop items from Zotero into scrivener; if I invoke the “Copy Citation” function from Zotero and CTRL+V it into scrivener, all is well.

My issue is exactly as described in that thread (with the caveat that mine is a mouse-drag-only issue), and none of the suggested fixes work. I’m perfectly willing to provide output from the clipboard, but it really does look very much like the examples posted there; this happens regardless of whether I’m dragging to the main window or a notes window or a footnote area.

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: to add some info and not sound so harsh…