Pasted text from Word disappears[BUG LOGGED]

I had typed a block of text in a Word document. I then copied and pasted it (Paste and Match Style) into one of the text documents in my Scrivener draft. I had done this plenty of times before with no problems. This time, I pasted part of the text at the end of one document that already had text in it (let’s call it document C), then copied and pasted the rest into a new document (document D) in the same folder.

I left Scrivener in the background while I did other things. Then when I came back to it, I noticed that the new text I had pasted into document C was missing. I assumed I had made a mistake somewhere and accidentally erased it; so I copied and pasted it again. But when I switched to document D and then back to C, the text had disappeared again. But the word count didn’t go down. When I compiled the draft as an rtf and opened it in Word, the text was there and was repeated several times (presumably as many times as I had pasted it). But in Scrivener it didn’t register at all, except in the word count.

Hope this isn’t too confusing.

This is no doubt an RTF issue; however, if you could email the part (end) of the word file with the text that would be great. Lee AT literatureandlatte DOT com

All right, emailed the file.

Something similar happened again just now, but no cutting or pasting was involved. I was typing in one text document. I briefly switched to another text document in a different folder, highlighted the text in that document, and changed the size of the font from Verdana 8 to 10. Then I switched back to the document I was working on a minute prior, and the sentence I had typed since the last time I saved had disappeared. I immediately compiled it into an rtf file and opened it in Word, and the sentence was there where I had typed it. I closed Scrivener and opened it again, and this time the sentence was there.

By the way I’ve been using Beta 1.0 version.

You should upgrade to beta 1.3. It fixes many issues including the font changing all the time.
Here’s the download page: