Pasted Text stays in narrow column

When I paste in text from Word, that text remains in a narrow column instead of filling out the screen like normal Scrivener text. Please advice. Thank you. Screenshot attached.

Probably there are line breaks at the end of each line.

In that first funny line, “In fact, let’s meet tomorrow…,” back space from the ‘m’ in ‘meet’ back toward ‘let’s.’ See if the text flows properly once you’ve erased the line-ending character.

(Or you could Show Invisibles, but I don’t remember how to do that in the Windows version.)


In the 3.x beta, View -> Text Editing -> Show Invisibles, or Ctrl + Shift + \

Worth trying in the 1.9.x release, as I don’t think that changed…

I tried that, but it remains in the narrow column.

I notice from your screenshot that you don’t have the ruler showing; if you showed it, you might well find that there are completely different margins set. On the Mac, “Show Ruler” is Cmd-R, so I guess in Windows it’s Ctrl-R.



From the indent differences, it’s likely you have different paragraph formatting for the two sections. The lower part probably still has the Word paragraph formatting. Try this:

First, take a Snapshot (Menu Documents->Snapshots->Take Snapshot). That’s just a safeguard in case anything goes wrong.

Next, select all of the text with the wrong formatting (from “I think that’s a fine idea…” until the end) and Cut it (Ctrl-X). If there are any blank lines at the end, backspace until you are back at the end of your last good line, (…Yeah!"), then hit Enter once. This will give you a blank line which has the formatting you want.

Now, from the menu, Edit->Paste and Match Style. This should paste the text you just cut but give it the desired format.

I find the Paste and Match Style command most useful, especially if pasting from a format-rich application like Word.

Hope that helps.

It worked. Thanks!