pasted text won't reformat properly

So, as a test I’ve been copying some scenes that I wrote in Final Draft, over into Scrivener.

I’ve done this by copying and pasting text.

However, after the text is pasted in, any format change made to one line of text (let’s say the Scene heading) happens to the whole block of text, not just the text highlighted… which makes the text impossible to reformat into proper script layout.

What this means is that to transfer a script into scrivener I’d have to manually retype very single word… or copy and past one type of text at a time and reset the style before I paste.

Import the file rather than copy and paste it in. Pasting will have this effect, as Final Draft places it on the pasteboard as plain text - unformatted - so this is all Scrivener has to read. If you download the 1.5 beta from the Beta Testing forum, that can import (and export) Final Draft FCF files - so you can export from Final Draft in File Converter Format and import that directly into Scrivener, retaining formatting. That is by far the best way of getting FD scripts into Scrivener. Copy and paste is definitely not the way to go between the two programs.
Hope that helps.
All the best,

That helps a lot and also deals with my wish list request… nice program by the way