Pasting from PDF to Notes results in gibberish

I’m using beta, 64bit.
When I paste from a PDF directly into the Notes section of a text file, I get gibberish. But if I paste from something copied internally, it works fine. My work around is to paste the text into the Synopsis and then cut and paste it into Notes.

I don’t have trouble pasting from PDF into notes, so the issue is not universal. The Synopsis is either image or TEXT. Text means it cuts out the formatting code etc., rather like pasting into notepad.

Notes on the other hand is rich text. Rich text is a completely different format tool than pdf. Essentially, think a different language that needs to be translated. My pdf editor allows me to “copy as rich text” or just simply copy. If yours does so too, you might try copying as rich text. You can also paste or “paste and Match style”. Scrivener offers 2 different pasting options. One of those might work for you.

However, as I copied text from the pdf manual for Scrivener, I was unable to make any way of copying or any way of pasting not work and produce readable reasonable output.

So, to pinpoint the issue, you could try another pdf editor, or another pdf document and both pasting options with Scrivener and report back.

fyi I use pdfxchange editor as my pdf viewer and editor. They have an excellent free version as well as paid with even more features.


I frequently have this problem as well. It does not happen with all PDFs and, when it does, I can paste into Notepad without trouble and then paste from Notepad to Scrivener. It would be better to paste directly without the intermediate step.

The font used in one troublesomePDF document is Arial and the source program is Acrobat so, even if those things are the cause they shouldn’t be.

Another tedious problem is that the paragraph breaks are hard-coded in the paste so I need to delete many paragraph breaks in each pasted paragraph.