Pasting from web, is very slow to create Synopsis header

I have used scrivener for many years, its great and is my main input gatherer as a writer.
One thing I am experiencing is that sometimes there will not be automatically created the synopsis / header from first line/paragraph of the material I am pasting into a new ‘text’.
It happens most of the times but not always ! Even when there indeed is some text in the first paragraph.

secondly I am puzzled that on my macbook air, running sierra, the synopsis seems to be crated in seconds, whereas on my old mac pro also running sierra it may take 10-25 seconds, for same material, same source.

can i do something different so it loads the synopsis at the same speed?

I know this is a small thing but I tend to like my systems running 100%.
(and I share between the two mac’s by using dropbox, the correct way… its great)
kind regards


Since I posted this I have had the good fortune to own a brand new iMac 27" 5K-2017, with max cpu-speed and 1TB SSD. it goes like a zipper now. compared to my rocksolid older Mac Pro I guess it is mostly the much faster RAM that does it. so there you are :slight_smile: