Pasting into e-mail

This may not be precisely a Scrivener topic, but you folks are SO clever … :stuck_out_tongue:

Many literary agents want queries to be sent by e-mail, with text in the body of the e-mail, no attachments (virus fears, I think).

I sent out a query that included some text from a .docx file and some I THINK was from an .rtf that I compiled out of Scrivener. I needed to supply the italics because the text went into the e-mail without italics.

The very nice literary agent replied to the e-mail, saying, “You must be using a Mac. Here’s what your e-mail looked like.”

A sample of the .docx pasted text: Pasted from Word docx.png

… and the one I think was pasted from rtf:


I’ll bet you’d see the same thing if you pasted from a Word-created .docx file. The issue is likely different encoding between your system and the agent’s.

Plain text is safe, but ugly. If I needed formatted email, my first choice would be HTML. Also, if possible send a test message to a Windows Outlook using friend.


I did a bit of searching and just found (for Mac only) an app called Format Match (in the Apple app store – free). It sits on the top ribbon Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.02.03 PM.png and seems to understand it when I paste from word into gmail.