pasting into footnotes?

I am evaluating scrivener before I buy. I currently use MacJournal for developing my writing projects (academic papers) and would like to have something that does footnotes better. I like to type in the footnotes as I go along—I also like the way that Word renumbers the footnotes in case I add something in the middle later.

MacJournal doesn’t do that (at least as far as I know). I just type the notes like other text and keep them down below somewhere as another piece of text, not as a footnote—not a good solution.

I’m doing a scrivener test and am trying to paste one of those MacJournal footnotes into a scrivener footnote. It doesn’t appear to let me. The note I paste gets pasted outside of the gray box, not inside it, where my cursor is.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to paste into footnotes, or if there is some other way to think about it? Surely people cut and paste citations all the time…

Many thanks!


Should have done a better search before posting. Paste and match style…