Pasting into Footnotes

It would be great to be able to past into a footnote. Right now - while I can type all day long once the footnote feature is enabled - if I paste text from somewhere else, it doesn’t come in as a footnote even when pasting into a footnoted area.

Since many of my writing sources are, say, articles from a library site that spits out the reference already formatted, it would save me a lot of typing time to do a cut and paste and still have it be seen as a footnote.


The footnote bubble is part of the text format, so if you paste rich text from somewhere else, its own formatting will override the footnote formatting. However, if you use Edit > Paste and Match Style (shift-opt-cmd-V), then you can paste into the footnote without losing the footnote attribute (although the formatting of the text that gets pasted in will lose its own formatting and match the formatting of the text around it in Scrivener).

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Perfect! I figured there was a way; thanks for your help. :smiley:

Since I actually always want “Paste and Match Style” in apps like Scrivener and Nisus, I have used the Keyboard shortcut assignment system in the Preferences for Scriv, and Nisus’ own shortcut assignment system in that case, to swap the shortcuts over, so now Cmd-V gives me “Paste and Match Style” automatically … saves a lot of hassle. You might like to think about it.



I actually use this so much I have my pasteboard manager strip everything to plain text no matter what application I’m using. I have to use the more convoluted shortcut to get styled pasting. :slight_smile: