Pasting into notes from pdf changes font to Gill Sans MT Ext

When I copy/paste from pdf to notes the font is changed to Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold – effectively making the notes not readable.

I have NEVER used this font anywhere and the only times this happens is when I copy text from a pdf.

Is there any way to fix this?



Maybe a silly question, but have you looked in Tools|Options|Appearance|Fonts|General|Project notes to see what font is set there?

If you use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste, it will Paste and Match Style. That should leave it in your desired font. Of course, you’ll also lose any italics, underline, etc.

Thanks for the replies!

Ctrl+Shift+V to paste works and I checked the font settings for project notes and it’s Courier, I suppose the default. I just started using Scrivener and like it a lot.

It’s going to be tough to remember the SHIFT since this only happens when I paste from pdf, but it’s better than having to manually change the font every time (I paste a lot)


Great, glad it helped, Christine. Welcome to Scrivener!