Pasting into Word from Scrivener - returns[NOTED]

I’m using 1.5 and pasting from Scrivener into Word loses all returns between paragraphs. This can be corrected by using Word’s “normal” style but then that complicates trying to paste back into Scrivener or using it anywhere else.

I apologize if this has been documented before but it’s the first time I’ve run into this problem.

You can check known bugs here: … ta1-5.html

There are quite a few bugs with the editor, I couldn’t see yours listed (I may have missed it) but I couldn’t replicate it either

Hi Spitfire,
I have not been able to duplicate this issue. Can you let me know which version of Word you are pasting into and if you can provide the actual text you are trying to paste into Word from Scrivener in a cut down Scrivener project file that would be really useful? Email:

Can you also expand a little on what special styling you might have set up in Word i.e. why the need to switch back to ‘Normal’ mode.



I’m using Word 2007 and it has a style defined as “Normal” that has Line Spacing: multiple 1.15 lines and Space After: 10pt. When I paste into Word with the default spacing in Scrivener of 1.0 all my returns between paragraphs disappear because I prefer to work with a Line Spacing: single and no Space After. Switching to the Normal style inputs the returns again and pasting back into Scrivener there is no issue but then when trying to paste that text pasted into Scrivener from Word into a plain text editor the returns disappear again.


  1. Copy typed text into Word under User Preference Style of No Spacing where Line Spacing is single.
    -Returns between paragraphs are gone.
  2. Select All, Change to Normal Style
    -Returns between paragraphs return.
  3. Paste text in Word into Scrivener
    -No issues, returns are kept.
  4. Paste text in Scrivener that was in Word into plain text editor.
    -Returns are gone again.

Sorry if my laid out steps are redundant. I just wanted to be really clear and it can be any text from Scrivener to Word I’ve found. I think it probably has to do with the line spacing.

Thanks - this really helps. I will investigate this further.