Pasting issues

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I can’t believe I’m writing this right now. To the point though - one thing I’m not really sure about is pasting from a browser to Scrivener. When I do I always take the background color with me. I just want the text. Is there something I can do about that? I’ve attached a screenshot.

Hi, use Paste and Match Style instead of a simple paste.
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Thanks for replying, and I can really wait, it’s not pressing. I tried Paste vs. Paste and Match Style and they both have the same result (attached). Just to clarify I want plain 'ol text, nothing fancy like backgrounds. Here’s the sample text I used where you can see it’s the same color:

Paste and Match Style worked fine for me, with the following caveat: if you do a normal paste into a blank document first, then delete, and then paste and match style, it will end up the same because the typing attributes will have taken on the style of the pasted text. But if you create a blank document and paste and match style straight into it (or if you click out of your existing blank document and then back into it), it works fine.

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Ah! To be honest not very intuitive, but Ah! nonetheless.

It probably is like that to make it harder to plagiarize, right? :laughing:

No, it’s just how typing attributes work on OS X - quite sensibly, when you think about it. “Paste and Match Style” does just that - it matches the style at the point of the cursor. When you create a new document, the typing attributes are set to whatever you have set in the preferences. But if you then paste something into that document (without choosing “match style”), the cursor will - quite naturally and intuitively - take on the attributes of the pasted text (it would be very odd if you tried to continue typing at the end of some pasted text only to discover that you were typing in the original font rather than the pasted one). If you then delete all of that text, there is no way for any app to know whether you want to return to the original attributes or to keep the ones you were using last; in most cases you would want to use the attributes you used last, as it would be more common that you had intentionally changed font. It is only in this specific case that this is not so.

Thus, this is in fact perfectly intuitive; however, it is also proof that any given feature can only be “intuitive” for the most common scenarios. There will always be scenarios - such as this one - where intuitive behaviour breaks down. That’s utilitarianism for you. :slight_smile:

Now look how you’ve just made me type about bloody typing attributes on Christmas day!

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