Pasting only uppercase bug.

I just purchased Scrivener recently and am experiencing a problem with pasting. I am using version 1.1.2, OS X 10.5.5 Leopard and CopyPaste Pro Version 1.0.9. When I paste into Scrivener, all text becomes uppercase, but if I drag highlighted text from another document into Scrivener, the text appears with expected formating. What gives?

Are you in scriptwriting mode by any chance? If so, if the current script element is something like “Scene Heading”, then what got pasted in would be converted to uppercase. Check you are not in scriptwriting mode by checking the footer view beneath the text. If it shows a drop-down list on the right and has no word or character count in the centre, you are in script mode. Change it back to standard mode via the Text > Scriptwriting menu (uncheck “Scriptwriting Mode”). If it’s not this, it must be a problem with CopyPaste, as obviously if all pastes to Scrivener became uppercase I would have a lot more customers complaining!

“Scriptwriting Mode” was on, thanks.