pasting placeholder tags followed by Tab

I have no idea if this is a bug, intended, a feature of the Apple text engine or what.

For reasons of speed and not wanting to experiment too much with compiling, I am including a title line in each of my documents in a project beginning with the placeholder tag <$hn> so that I will get hierarchical numbering when I compile. Again, as I’m doing it very frequently, having typed the tag once, I copy it and then paste it in where necessary.

The problem is that having pasted it in, I then enter a TAB — to give the necessary structure when I format in NWP — but immediately the tag gets capitalised to .

My solution is, of course, to copy the tag with the following TAB, and paste that. But not having seen any mention of this capitalisation problem — maybe it’s not even significant — in all my years of browsing everything in this forum since January 2007, I thought I’d bring it up.

Anyone? :slight_smile:


Hi Mark,

This is just auto-capitalisation kicking in. When you enter whitespace after a word, it looks for the first letter in the sentence and capitalises it. Auto-caps is none-too-bright, so it has no knowledge of tabs or anything like that. What you could do is just use <$HN>, capitalised, instead, as that would make no difference.

All the best,

Thanks Keith. Not having time to play around, I wasn’t sure if the capitalisation would break anything, or force a different kind of numbering in the <$p> vs <$P> manner. I didn’t think about autocaps. I think for uniformity’s sake I’ll continue pasting the tag with the following TAB, though … after all it saves me having to press the TAB key too! Perhaps I should set up TextExpander again when I have a moment.