Pasting Problems

I had some text that came from another text file within the same Scrivener project. Cut and pasted the text into my new scene. At every place there was a period in the text, Scrivener added four additional spaces.

I have a similar problem, though with copying text from another program (OneNote) into Scrivener. It adds between 2-4 extra spaces after periods and the same number of additional spaces after line breaks as well.

When I copy this extra-spaced-text in Scrivener and paste it back into OneNote, Word, or even Google Docs, the extra spaces are gone. When I then copy the restored text back into Scrivener, the spaces are still gone.

However, for the text that I “fixed” in Scrivener by removing the extra spaces, when I paste that text back into a different type of file, all of spaces are reduced to a single space (even where it appears as two spaces in Scrivener).

Similar problems here. Seems copy/pasting adds multiple spaces and that those additional spaces only appear in Scrivener after saving, exiting, and then re-entering (i.e., only two spaces shown in Scrivener after pasting but prior exiting, but anywhere from 3 to even 6 once the file with pasted text has been re-opened).

I’ve also had some odd italics pasting behavior (entire paragraphs becoming italicized where only the single leading word had been in the source document), though I am, admittedly, copy/pasting from some fairly ‘non-standard’ sources and so am not worried on this one.

The italicized text is a different issue, happening with carriage returns picking up the formatting and then applying it to the whole paragraph; this has occurred in documents that were straight Scrivener, as well as imported–although to be fair, there may be another issue related to importing, as well, but your description of it coming from the leading word matches the other bug.

For everyone experiencing the copy/paste bugs, could you please check out Lee’s post here if you haven’t and perhaps send some samples? They’d really help track all this down. Thanks!

Also, while we are on the topic, pasting text that has Before or After spacing on the paragraph (per an MS Word file) results in Scrivener retaining the Before/After spacing, but no discernible way of removing that spacing (short of removing it in MS Word prior to the copy/paste) unless I am missing an option somewhere.

Pasting in general also does some wonky things to the right margin per the ruler.

You can adjust the spacing via the format bar–select “Other Spacing…” from the drop-down menu and you’ll see options for the before/after paragraph spacing. You can also set your default options in Edit>Options in the Editor tab and then, if you like, convert your imported documents to match these settings using Documents>Convert Formatting to Default Text Style.

As for that cursed right indent, I’m beginning to feel the need to kick it. (Which is to say–thanks for the report, and I look forward to having it fixed!)

It ‘seems’ to me, also, that each time you exit and re-open the file with the extra spaces in it you get an additional space added (I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what is doing it, but it seems to happen after exiting/re-opening but each exit/re-open cycle doesn’t produce it).

I’m up to 7 or 8 spaces between sentences in some documents at the moment where I was at 3 or 4 after the original copy/paste from the source document.