Pasting text into a script/screenplay not formatting as expected.

Scrivener 3.1.2
Mac OS 10.13.6

I’m working on a musical and I’ve created my own scriptwriting format based on Stage Play (US) that adds a new Lyrics element (that is exactly like Dialog except using All Caps in the font).

I have some of the lyrics in a text file, but when I try to paste them into the script I can’t get the pasted text to use my Lyrics element, I’ve tried setting the current element to Lyrics and then pasting, and also tried to change the element after pasting the text in. What am I doing wrong?

Edited to add: If I copy a line but don’t include the newline it will paste properly, but if I copy the line including the newline or multiple lines it doesn’t paste properly.

Thanks in advance.

Are you pasting with Paste & Match style?

Paste and Match Style doesn’t make a difference, It behaves the same for both Paste and Paste and Match Style.

As long as the copied text does not contain a newline it works fine, but trying to paste multiple lines doesn’t work (but the element shows correctly in the footer).