Pasting text

Ok… I think I found a bug and don’t know whether it’s been found already or not.

Working on WinXP
Scrivener Beta 0.24

Copying from OpenOffice word processing document saved as a Microsoft Word 97-2003 format.

I copy and attempt to paste text into scrivener under Manuscript/ Part/ Chapter…

I paste it into Scrivener and some of the text doesn’t appear. There will be whitespace below some of the text that has pasted. If I click in the whitespace, text will appear and the window can scroll further down. I continue clicking in white space and it continues to populate more text in there until it appears that all of the text I wanted in there is present.

I had a situation previously where I was simply unable to paste a large amount of text into Scrivener. It pasted a certain amount and then would NOT paste anyh more. I would copy portions of the text further down in the OpenOffice document but it would not paste within Scrivener.

Hope this helps and I hope it gets resolved. I’m beginning to really like this program… however, I’m currently keeping Scrivener AND my OpenOffice document current with what I’m writing. Writing everything twice is a pain and I’d rather not thave to do that.

Thanks. The scrolling issue has been reported by a few other people, usually copy/pasting from a PDF; I haven’t seen the other one, where you simply can’t paste. If you have a chance, could you follow Lee’s instructions here and attach the clipboard data here or send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com?

I have had the same issue using the October 2011 release, 0.0.35 in Windows 7 x64.

I’m unfortunately writing this after the fact so I don’t know exactly what passages gave me the not-pasting-until-scrolled-through issue (and thus can’t use the clipboard widget linked in this thread to pass the text along), but it happened only with exceptionally long passages of text (6+ single-spaced pages), each copied from an OpenOffice text doc, and each time when I had two windows of text open in Scrivener, side by side.

Not too frequent an issue since I don’t do tons of large-passage pasting, but was tricky because it made me paranoid about whether entire passages were pasting or whether only portions were, making me want to triple-check everything.

Thanks for everything with this program!