Pasting to Google Docs loses formatting

I have searched on the forums and online and cannot find a solution to this:

When copy a document from Scrivener and paste it on Google Docs the formatting is lost. I have tried Scrivener’s “copy special” options, as well as Google Docs own “paint format” but none of these works. My bold and italicised text is lost once I paste in on Google Docs. I know I can export the file from Scrivener to .rtf but I was hoping there would be a simpler copy&paste solution that doesn’t involve the export function at all. Any ideas would be welcome!

PS. Google Docs is an essential part of my editing since it allows my editor to collaborate on the document and make suggestions.

I had the same problem - only fix I found that works is to paste into Word, then copy paste to Google Doc. A bit of a bore but that does it. I’ll keep looking and post a better solution if found. :confused: