Path on Title Bar forces Corkboard View

This is barely a bug, but it confounds a user’s expectation and expressed preference.

If you select Path on the Title Bar, and click on an ancestor that is a folder, the folder will display in the editor in corkboard view. The editor call doesn’t interrogate the user’s View Mode.

Those of us with long and descriptive document titles tend to be Outliner people. I actually hide the index card in the Inspector and do not maintain synopses. So a display of the corkboard is like an unexpected visit from a distant relative. While it’s a minor flaw, I can’t think of a good reason not to adhere to the mode.

Rgds – Jerome

You’re right that it’s a bug; the group view mode should be used here, just as when selecting from the binder. I notice that the same bug is happening with selecting from the Go To menu in the editor header (compared to from the View menu, where it behaves correctly), so I’ve filed that for both. Thanks for the catch!

Also in Previous/Next Document on the editor’s right menu. Thanks, MM.

Thanks, added that. The Next/Previous Document controls via the View > Go To menu or their keyboard shortcuts correctly maintain the group view mode, so you should be able to use those to avoid having to toggle the view.

And one more pair. The keyboard commands “Open in Left Editor” and “Open in Right Editor” also toss up the corkboard when opening a folder. (Top/Bottom Editors respectively for horizontalists.)

BTW, while labeled according to the editors’ horizontal/vertical state, these commands are described as “Open in Editor” and “Open in Other Editor.” Meaning primary (left or top) and secondary. But it would actually be helpful to have a true “Open in Other Editor” sequence that opens the document or folder in whichever editor is not selected at the time.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks, I’ve got that. For all of them, there’s a little twist too where if the target editor is displaying the outliner, then loading a folder will also display it as the outliner. The group view mode should always be respected for all these methods, however, just like loading from the binder.

You’re right also about how the Current/Other Editor should work, and I’ve got that down as a bug too. These should be dynamic, so that the first option and associated shortcut is always the current editor and the second is the other editor, regardless of which is “top” or “bottom” or “right” or “left”. That is, if you have a horizontal split and the focus is in the top split, the menu should read “Open in Top Editor” followed by “Open in Bottom Editor”, and if you put the focus in the bottom editor, the menu should change to be “Open in Bottom Editor” followed by “Open in Top Editor”.

Thanks, Jen. One more little quirk in this series and then we’re probably done. A Scrivener Link from the Notes editor opens the target as a document, even if the user has deemed it a folder. This is irrespective of view mode, and holds even if the option to “Treat all documents with children as folders” is set.

(I navigate and cross-reference mainly by Scrivener Links, creating them via AutoHotkey because the menu option is just not usable on a large project. There should be a self-link by keyboard, and a drag and drop from outliner, corkboard, binder or either title bar onto the editor. And the underscore on all links should be optional. Scriv Links would then become quite popular, I’m sure.)

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks, I’ve got it. We do have some good stuff in the pipeline to facilitate using Scrivener Links, including drag and drop from the binder/outliner/corkboard and a keyboard shortcut to create a new link or link to an existing document.